Thursday, March 31, 2016

Warhammer World: Nostalgia

Carrying on from yesterday's nostalgia about the first space marine off the production line in 1997 when Citadel Miniatures moved to the present site in Nottingham, today I wanted to show this cabinet snapped at Warhammer World. It is one of the first cabinets in the display and features a veritable feast of older merchandise from the early days of Citadel, Warhammer and Games Workshop. I'm not too embarrassed to tell you that I owned (and still own in a few cases) a number of these items. I'm particularly pleased I held on to my original Realms of Chaos books (although they're very battered / well-loved now and not worth anything in an auction I'd bet). 

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Nogle said...

When I worked for GW in the USA(1999), I made it to headquarters in Baltimore once, they have a room with all kinds of stuff like that still in plastic wrap. I was floored to see a land raider still in package

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