Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Titan Novacula Occulta: Legs

The legs of the Warhound Titan, Novacula Occulta, continue to grow upwards!

Here, I've basically completed the main parts for one of the legs. The other leg is not too far away from being complete either.

I've pinned each of the joints using a brass rod through the sides of the joint. Depending on the final weight of the Warhound, I may add another brass pin at a different angle through each of the joints as well to ensure it is better supported and unlikely to move or break.

In all of this, the most fiddly bits have to be the pistons. They can be seen here around the ankle of the leg -- connected to the foot and the lower part of the leg. Not only do they have to be trimmed to the correct length, but getting them looking right resulted in many glued finger tips. My advice here is to just take your time and enjoy the journey. No need to rush things!

I also dry-fitted the front plate of the lower leg to ensure that it fits nicely over the upward bent toes -- and to my relief it does. The Garden of Moor house at the bottom really communicates the sense of scale for this titan. She is really growing taller now!

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