Thursday, March 24, 2016

Deep Cut Studio Frost Grave Gaming Mat

The observant amongst my readers may have noticed that we've been using something new recently for our games and some of our photos. I recently invested in a gaming mat purchased from Deep Cut Studio. The image shows the purchase: a 6 ft x 4 ft mat in the Frost Grave style. Due to the height I took the image at, the resolution is not perfect, but rest assured that the detail in the gaming mat is simply amazing. 

In terms of construction, the mat that I got is a "mouse mat" style. This means that image is printed on a linen upper surface whilst the lower surface is effectively a large rubberised anti-slip mat. The thickness is around a few millimetres and the weight a couple of kilograms. 

We've already used the mat for gaming on in our local group and we are very pleased with the results. Not only does the mat stay in place, but the surface is an excellent finish. It doesn't fade and is nicely scratch resistant. Moreover, rolling die on the surface doesn't make such a huge clanging noise as one would expect otherwise -- its a muffled or muted clatter as they hit the surface. This makes a subtle but very nice difference to our games. It also makes picking up the die a lot easier than on a flat wooden surface if I'm totally honest as well. 

The level of detail is simply tremendous. The picture reveals multiple areas of the map that are frozen and can be seen underneath other "layers". It has clearly been proceeded with a high degree of care on a computer generated image and reproduced superlatively well by the printers at very high DPI. There's plenty of interesting features that can be used as a staging area for terrain pieces, or even potentially harbouring a subtle cover save in some places. 

Overall, despite the cost and the transit time of a week, I am very pleased with this purchase. We will certainly be using it way in to the future!


The GunGrave said...

I'm amazed you were actually able to communicate with them to make a sale! I've sent them at least 4 emails in the past with zero response! Went elsewhere in the end.

The mat does look great though!

jabberjabber said...

I didn't have any reason to email them personally. The transaction was fully online and proceeded very nicely. And yeah - the mat is superb :)

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