Friday, March 25, 2016

Email in: Mono-Tzeentch Daemons please!

One of my old gaming mates from Down Under recently messaged me. He wants to start a brand new army (1850 points). He's done Eldar and Dark Angels and wants something that is a bit more horde-y. Although Orks did cross his mind, he has decided to start a mono-Tzeentch chaos daemons army. He's also keen to play something that doesn't focus 100% on daemon summoning. Which is understandable.

So, he sent me this following army list for comments. He's also perfectly happy for me to post it here and gather any feedback from Warpstone Flux readers. There are some constraints here though. He *wants* to play a soul grinder. Just because. So don't question it. Beyond that, almost anything is up for criticism.

Lord of Change (ML 3, Greater Reward, Relic: the Everstave)
2 Heralds (ML 3, Disc of Tzeentch, Greater Reward)

3 x 11 Pink Horrors (all with Icons)

Fast Attack:
2 x 3 Screamers

Heavy Support:
Daemon Prince (Tzeentch, ML 3, Warp-forged armour, daemonic flight, Greater Reward)
Soul Grinder (Tzeentch daemon, Phlegm)

Here's my initial reactions.
(1) Take instruments of chaos, even dropping icons to do so.
(2) Bigger screamer units, even at the expense of the daemon prince.
(3) Exalted locus of conjuration on at least the heralds would be terrific here.
(4) Not sure about the relic.

Further comments most welcome -- can you help an old friend of mine defeat his enemies whilst remaining plausibly fluffy and avoiding full-on mass summoning as a tactic?


dvs1 said...

This looks typical of a summoning farm list though. I like icons in this list over instruments, not much deep striking besides the grinder. If he's going horde, he's gonna need a lot more screamers and maybe a decent sized unit of flamers

pegboard said...

Daemons suffer from not having can openers - anything that can get through tank armour and heavy infantry. I'd start off with taking

Four heralds, mastery 3 on screamers. (480)

Then 5 11 strong units of horrors with icons (545).

Two soulgrinders (although you really want the mark of Nurgle) and the pleghm upgrade. (275)

Add to that 3 units of flamers (207)

3 units of screamers, 2 4s, 1 3s (275).

If you wanted more flexibility, up the screamers and drop one of the flamers.

It drops the greater daemons and daemon prince, leaving a infantry heavy army that's at risk from artillery. To counter that you're needing to deepstrike close to the enemy. However, as daemons are hopeless in close co you're going to struggle.

Daemons have no artillery, no heavy infantry, no assault vehicles. They're a close combat army and Tzeentch isn't.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the comment folks! They're appreciated by the source!

(I'm probably going to also suggest more Soul Grinders perhaps as well)

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