Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Circular Saw Power Fist Sergeant

Its been a busy week hobby wise for me as I get my Alpha Legion force built for an upcoming round-robin tournament with some friends. Whilst I don't expect to do very well since I've not particularly optimised my army list (I'm introducing a new person to the game, so I don't want to be "that guy" unless they decide to get more serious), I do want a reasonably assembled force. And perhaps undercoated to.

To that end, here is a squad sergeant conversion that I wanted to share. What makes this marine stand out and "pop" on the table top is his "power fist" that features a circular saw. The circular saw is a "Destroyer Arm" sourced from Puppetswar - a Polish company. Although I originally intended that they would just be fancy close combat weapons, they do look good when they "count as" power fists as well. And although they would look fairly standard and not need any conversion knife work on a terminator, they work equally well on a power armour miniature. All that is really needed is to trim the shoulder so that a standard space marine power armour shoulder pad can be glued over the top of it. Which is exactly what I've done here.

The other parts are mostly Forge World (torso, legs -- green stuffed to true scale, right shoulder pad), space marines (left shoulder pad, bolt pistol arm, head) and chaos space marines (back pack -- Anvilus pattern). On the 32mm base, I've attached a base topper from Anvil Industry. 

I like the look and pose of this one. His left arm is fluidly in action, swiping out an arc of death. The bolt pistol meanwhile held in reserve for the correct moment. I better get some painting underway soon.


Tristan M said...

Counts as chainfist!! Bend the rules ;) or otherwise tear them to shreds! :)

jabberjabber said...

Absolutely! I think on a terminator, they can readily be used as chainfists!

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