Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Autilon Skorr Conversion

One of the problems with miniatures produced and available only through official conventions is that they're rare. A corresponding issue is that when they appear on e-Bay, they are invariably incredibly expensive to purchase. 

Autilon Skorr is one such example of this type of issue.

I really like the rules associated with the miniature and wanted to run it in one of my 30k Alpha Legion army lists. So, without wanting to expend a vast amount of cash on an e-Bay purchase for the miniature, I decided to create my own.

One of the features of Autilon Skorr is the power axe. For this, I followed my terminator conversion and attached a chaos space marine terminator axe to a space marine commander chainsword arm -- the one with the angled wrist. 

For the other arm, I decided against the command rod style of implement, and went for a power dagger in an inverse grip (essentially a grey knights power weapon that has been trimmed down to a shooter length). 

Shoulder pads are the Alpha Legion specific icon and the legion centurion, whilst the torso and backpack comes from the space marine range.

Legs are extended for a true scale marine (see the green stuff in the thighs), and the helmet is a cut down chaos warriors one. Since Skorr comes with a lion-esque helm for the original miniature, I wanted one here that was suitably intimidating, and thought the chaos warrior range was not a bad idea for this … and perhaps foreshadowing the Alpha's fall to chaos (or at least, some of them at any rate -- because goodness knows how many of them are loyal, traitor, or anything in-between). 

The base topper comes from Anvil Industry for the curious. And that's about it!


The GunGrave said...

Nice conversion! I was lucky enough to be able to pick up the actual mini at the 2015 HH Weekender, I shall have to dig him out now and get him painted!

Mordian7th said...

I dig it! That turned out looking really cool, man!

jabberjabber said...

Cheers guys!
If I ever make it to another big FW convention I'll try to get hold of some of the rare issues I think :)

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing, especially the choice of helmet! And it's good to see someone else doing this; I have the same opinion about limited con releases, especially when they're not even available on the same continent :/

I haven't put together my replacement yet, but I'm almost done getting the parts together. Right now I'm building up from some standard BAC plastic bits (legs, backpack, right arm), one of the more ornate torsos from the Forge World Alpha Legion upgrades, a plastic tabard/loincloth from the Dark Angels Veterans kit, the power axe from FW's resin MkIV power weapon set (I like how it's simultaneously a little baroque and totally functional-looking; Skorr is called "The Hydra's Headsman" and I want something that looks like it's both a cermonial token of office and something that sees a lot of use) and, instead of the baton, a pointing hand from the Sternguard Veterans set. I'll be attaching the hand with the palm side down in a kind of imperious gesture.

The head is still TBA; I'm leaning toward the plastic CSM helmet with a topknot, though those models are really starting to show their age. It's hard to come up with an equivalent for that wonderfully creepy reptilian death mask on the original- I can't remember where, but I saw someone approximate it by carefully cutting the face off a Night Goblin and attaching it to the front of a Space Marine helmet they'd Dremeled flat. Beyond my skill set, I'm afraid.

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