Monday, March 21, 2016

GW asks us for FAQs

Whilst this is at least a few hours old now and has already been reported elsewhere, I'm covering it here as well since its such a BIG THING.

This is amazing. If you're like me and have been playing since the heady days of Rogue Trader, you would have seen the rise, fall, rise, fall, rise cycle of the company and the Game, plus all the codexes. Indeed, if you look back through my posts, you'll see I was playing Chaos Daemons before they were a top tier codex. And when they were. And when they're just competitive. And so forth. 

A similar cycle has happened with Games Workshop's engagement with the community. Long ago, they did have things like discussion forums and engagement via Facebook (etc.). But all this was put on ice a long time ago. Recently, both GW and FW came back to Facebook with vigour. What we're seeing is really good to be honest. 

Here's a very SMALL sample of the questions that have already been asked. These are merely the ones that grabbed my attention since they've been raised elsewhere already and repeatedly. And these are before any gets asked about FW or the interaction of 30k and 40k...

Gargantuan Creatures - can they shoot all of their weapons at different targets, or can they only shoot two different weapons at two different targets?

How does a Gargantuan Creature Move Through Difficult Terrain?

Psychic Powers, A or B:
A) A psyker can only cast as many powers as he has mastery levels. E.g. ML 1 can only cast one power/use force weapon once.

B) Can cast as long as there are still warp charges left and they are not casting the same thing again. E.g. ML 1 could cast a power, and then use force weapon.

Are warp spiders intended to be allowed to jump away every time they are shot at or just once a shooting phase?

Do Blood Angels Scouts get the increased WS and BS like the other chapters now? (See also Dreadnought questions!)


Thor said...

Holy hell. I better get over there and post a few myself.

jabberjabber said...

That was my thought exactly. And now I see that there's approaching 2000 comments already. I think my battle brothers have most things covered :-D

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