Saturday, March 26, 2016

Crystal Terrain

I have recently found myself returning to the concept of crystal growths and stacks to create terrain features out of. I originally created a small selection of crystal stacks a few years ago as a bit of a curio -- something that isn't seen on many gaming tables. With my purchase of a Frost Grave gaming mat, I returned to the concept and set to work on creating a few more (rather than purchasing crystal grows from GF9). 

Unlike using superglue, this time I turned to a glue gun and loaded up on the cylindrical glue to create this one. I like the glue gun for this -- it certainly holds well enough and is broadly a bit cheaper than using supergule (which I will now save for plastic marines!). That said, I do think that certain brands of superglue hold better than the glue gun gunk does. But it doesn't matter particularly. The gunk out of the glue gun looks realistic enough and seems like a genuine part of the scenery piece. 

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