Sunday, March 6, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Imperialis Auxilia Medicae Detachment

Locally trained and responsible for the warriors under their care, as opposed to the proper Imperial Army, these men and women look after the troops and patch them up as best they can.

As with their legion counterparts, these orderlies can be assigned to specific squads within the army and are bought as elites to the army. In doing so, they bring the feel no pain rule to that unit at 5+. That's really all there is to these troops.

They're mortals with a mortally poor stat line and baseline equipment. At least they're cheap enough that each squad that needs to have one should be able to purchase one. Assuming you have enough elites slots to spare in the force organisation chart. There's little reason not to take them overall, so long as there's slot space and they tie in to the army well.

There are no builds here to mention. The only upgrade possible is to take more of the Medicae Orderlies. 

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