Thursday, March 17, 2016

Note to Self: When One Cannot Hurt the Enemy

Note to self. 

If one is facing a "big bad" in close combat that a unit cannot hurt (e.g. a soul grinder that is fully mobile and AV=13 front armour with nothing but S=4 attacks), then it is possible to voluntarily fail a morale check to get out of that combat and not get bogged down and generally tar pitted until death.

Here endeth the note to self. 


WestRider said...

Just remember that they still do get a Sweeping Advance when you do that. It's no Hit & Run.

jabberjabber said...

Very True!
Yet, in a choice between certain death (however fast or slow), or a chance to live by fleeing in terror, it might be prudent to sometimes run if we're not bothered by tar pitting the enemy down for a few turns.

Rufus said...

"Better part of valor!" - Khalid

Rufus said...

"Better part of valor!" - Khalid

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