Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Daemons Codex: First Impressions

Its already March 2nd in Australia.  And I've already picked up my new codex!

Here are my first impressions of things that have stood out for me, in no particular order.

* Nurglings have infiltrate!  ROTFL!
* The Changeling has changed: he can replace his WS, S, T, I, A with that of anyone he's in base to base contact with.  Bye bye glamour.  And he's also an HQ now.
* Flamers are worse: AP4, S4, warp flame (take a T test: fail and take d3 more wounds with no save; pass and gain FNP).  Interesting.
* Screamers are still good, but make only 1 Lamprey Bite attack (replacing all other attacks).
* Daemon Princes are in line with CSM.
* Fiends, bloodcrushers and beasts of nurgle all have more wounds (a whopping 4 wounds on beasts!)
* Fateweaver got nerfed: re-roll one d6 per turn in your army.
* Epidemius' effects got a range of 6" (the tally is also different ... but comparable in some ways)
* Primaris Nurgle power is AP3 template!
* Heralds can form a unit of 4 amongst themselves (if they're all of the same power) and they take only 1 FOC slot for 4.  (but may only be taken once -- i.e. we can't have 8 heralds per army).

And then there are instability tests (I'm fine with them), a multitude of gifts and icons (I'm going to have to take some time to sift through them), and the Warp Storm Table (as seen elsewhere).

I think the latter table will mean that we're going to see many more duo- (and perhaps mono-) power lists.  I think gone are the days of 4 power lists.  I think I'm personally looking at a Nurgle / Khorne list to optimize.

And finally: furies of chaos got cheap -- and markable!  Hordes of flying meat shields are coming your way soon.  And, I think we're going to be seeing many daemon horde style armies as well soon.  9 pr 10 pt lesser daemons are going to be excellent!

I'll be reviewing the new Daemons Codex under the "6thdaemonsreview" over the coming weeks -- look out for my reviews as I'm going to be as thorough as I was with chaos space marines and dark angels.


Kraggi said...

I look forward to your reviews :-)

jabberjabber said...

Cheers Kraggi :)
Just writing a few up now.

Note to self: must also finish off my Dark Angels Review as well... only a few left there!

Anton said...

Until my Codex arrives I'll be looking at your thoughts on the deamons,

I'm hoping they have done a better job than the new sculpts!

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