Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Vindicator

The vindicator is an excellent choice, and a fire magnet, but slightly more pricey than its chaos counterpart.  The options are all reasonably: grab an extra weapon to lower the chances of having the main cannon destroyed.  Take extra armour and the storm shield: both great choices.  Then on the tabletop, roll forward with your S10 cannon and shoot away!  The S10 ranged weapon is awesome.

Let's look at a pair of builds:

Vindicator, siege shield (135 points)
Add on a cheap third weapon to taste and you've got a winner.  This should/would be the basic set-up for most "standard" vindicators out there.

Chaos Vindicator, siege shield, extra armour, extra storm bolter, hunter-killer missile (160 points)
A fully decked-out vindicator with all the options (except the dozer blade -- whats the point with a siege shield!).  Use the missile on turn one, and then plough forward shooting at liberty.  Even take a pot shot at a tank shock if the tank lasts long enough.

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