Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mantic Sale

This one might have gone under the radar, but I thought I'd briefly highlight that Mantic games is having a Santa's spring cleanout sale (but its approaching autumn Down Under!).  

The thing that has always struck me about Mantic is their prices.  Although the detail of the miniatures may or may not be comparable to other companies, the sheer number of miniatures one can get per UK pound is astonishing.  Even better in a sale (now why don't Games Workshop ever hold online sales?).  Consider their sale item, the Undead Warhost.  52 miniatures (plus a war machine, plus various stickers and two cases) for UKP 14.99.  That's at worst, 29 UK pence per miniature!  In this day and age, that is completely mind-blowingly astonishing!  (which is why I wanted to share news of this sale!).

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