Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Ravenwing Support Squadron

The land speeder is a main-stay of various flavours of rapid space marine forces.  I think they're great, so long as you acknowledge that they're going to be pretty flimsy.  With the deepstrike rule, and appropriate ground support, they can be fantastic.  Taken in pairs, they offer excellent possibilities for hunting specific squads (e.g. multi-melts attacks against tanks; assault cannons against troops).  In groups of four, they're a bit more noticeable and more of a threat (and therefore attract more firepower to take their flimsy frames down).  Hence there's a balancing act, a tension even, between how many to take, and what weapons they're going to be armed with.

Here's a few builds to think about:

Ravenwing support squadron (2 land speeders), 2 multi-meltas (120 points)Go forth and hunt tanks.  I like this set-up: small enough to not warrant the first incoming volley; dangerous enough to cause problems.

Ravenwing support squadron (5 members), all armed with heavy flamers (250 points)
Entertaining against hordes, but fragile and bound to take incoming firepower and therefore also can act as a fire-magnet!

Ravenwing support squadron (3 members), all typhoon pattern with assault cannons (240 points)
Cute, but probably better ways of doing this.  Even if I replaced these with missile launchers, I still feel I'd sooner take a devastator squad.

1 comment:

Lead Legion said...

Agree with you on the third option. I can't help but feel that a Dev squad in good cover would be a hell of a lot more survivable.

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