Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daemons Codex Rumours Commentary

With all the rumours now beginning to break about the forthcoming daemons codex, I'm getting pretty excited! Needless to say there are going to be some things that us daemon players are going to love, and some things that might not be so cool.  I've been hearing things about instability returning ... I always kind of liked that, simply because I'm old school and I remember well the original Realms of Chaos era rules with fondness.  Sure, instability is a drawback, but a nice balancer if it does materialize in the new rules.

On Faeit, there are rules for the new Bloodthirster, Great Unclean One, bloodletters and daemonettes.  The big guys have got a points increase, whilst the little guys go down in points, if we are to believe the rumours.  The new bloodthirster looks wicked awesome stat- and rule-wise.  He's going to be a complete close combat beast.  But the one that really excites me is the Great Unclean One.  Shroud, T8, -1S to incoming, 3+ FNP and 4+ save means that there will not be much in the game that can reliably down him every time.  Balancing this is (of course) slow and purposeful.  But I don't mind S&P so much these days compared to 5th.  Bloodletters seem to be getting more attacks through Rage, whilst daemonettes seem to be getting less, albeit at increased strength. I think the rumoured points costs are a little high considering the relative downgrading they already had due to 6th edition.  But hey, if the daemons codex turns out to be nicely balanced, then I won't mind so much.

What is yet unanswered is the rumours about deployment: the days of daemonic assault / deep strike may alledgedly be over, but I'm looking forward to seeing how the army as a whole plays and what resonances there will be in the new codex to build a new army around.  

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