Friday, February 15, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Ravenwing Attack Squadron

The first of the fast attack choices is the Ravenwing Attack Squadron.  The points costings are very appealing for this squad and with Sammael or Azrael, these guys become troops and will be forming the core of a Ravenwing strategy (or dual-wing strategy).

What makes these guys appealing?  Well, the first thing that a player cannot go past is the teleport homer on each bike.  With this, the squadron will be calling down deathwing terminators and others to come to the fray where they are needed.  They also have a neat combination of special rules (stubborn, scouts, grim resolve, hit/run) which will make them good for guerrilla tactics. To be clear, I don't see these guys as "bait".  Rather, they are the swift tip of the blade.  Ready to support other units (and call them down) where needed and ready to re-position in an instant to address threats quickly.  As such, they're not so much a front line unit, but a support unit.  That said, the toughness = 5 will keep them alive a little longer (supposing the opposition is not using too much poisoned weaponry).

Interestingly, the squadron can add an attack bike for added support, and a land speeder.  Clearly this can ease the tension if ravenwing is only a fast attack choice (in the absence of Sammael / Azrael), but it can add a neat extra dimension for tactics regardless.

There are so many choices to make with this squad, but ultimately they're limited by maximal numbers in the squad.  Here's a few sample build for consideration, Apocalypse excesses, and oddities...

Ravenwing attack squadron, 2 melta guns, combi-melta, melta bombs, attack bike with multi-melta (170 points)
Well, not much subtlety about the purpose of this squad: plenty of melta for tactical deployment and rapid movement.

Ravenwing attack squadron, 6 members, 2 plasma guns, land speeder typhoon with missile launcher (266 points)
I like the double plasma plasma possibilities here and might be tempted to add a combi-plasma as well for first turn antics.  The land speeder provides a bit of support in the form of its typhoon missile launcher.

Ravenwing attack squadron, 2 flamers, 1 combi-flamer, ravenwing attack bike (145 points)
Not quite sure how I feel about this.  Perhaps if you know your facing endless tyranid gaunts, its going to be grand.  Otherwise, I don't think this one will be taken much.  Flamers on the squadron are just not that fabulous.

Ravenwing attack squadron (80 points)
Yes -- a naked squad.  The purpose?  The teleport homers.  Sneak in to position and don't go looking for a fight until the support has come down where you want it.  Then use it to claim objectives.  You're not looking to engage here.  If you are, use hit and run as soon as possible to escape.

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