Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Deathwing Knights

I've already reviewed Death Wing Terminators when I started the DA reviews, so today, we're up to Death Wing Knights.

Death Wing Knights are straight forward (i.e. few options), if a little un-subtle!  The best way to think about them are as enhanced close combat terminators.  They all get +1AP against chaos space marines due to the "bane of the traitor" special rule.  But, the smite mode of the mace of absolution give the unit a unique alpha-strike potential that must not be overlooked.  Multiple S=10 attacks at AP2 or AP1 is one of the best in the entire game for non-monstrous creatures.  Perhaps its strictly better since there are more attacks in a 5 man unit than might come from a single monstrous creature?  Given the terminator armour and the storm shield, I think this logic holds even against a greater daemon.  And for me, that justifies the cost of this unit.  But having said that, we must ensure that they get said alpha strike.  The best way to do this seems like using a land raider transport rather than deep striking in.

But if we are deep striking in, then the fortress of shields rule seems all too easy to arrange.  Try taking that down in a hurry!  Additional bonuses include the precision strike rule (very nice!) and hammer of wrath.  Combined with the usual inner circle rules, this is one squad that can be terrific if utilized well!

Here are a couple of builds to contemplate:

8 Deathwing Knights, Land raider crusader with Deathwing vehicle upgrade (635 points)
Roll up, use the assault ramp, hit with oodles of S10 attacks.  Nasty!  And a points value to match two upgraded bloodthirsters of Khorne as well.  Ouch.

5 Deathwing Knights (235 points)
Yes, seriously: a naked, non-upgraded squad.  Deep striking in to action with their brethren.  Remember to keep them in base to base to activate the fortress of shields wall.  And then next turn, start taking things down.

10 Deathwing Knights (465 points)
Its just like the previous entry, but bigger.  Pity this unit doesn't have combat squads, or this would be actually tempting!

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