Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daemons for pre-order

Very excited to see that the new daemons are already up for pre-order!

Herald of Nurgle / Khorne / Slaanesh at 15UKP // 39AUD
Codex at 30UKP // 83AUD
Special edition codex in 4 forms (one for each power) at 55UKP // 150AUD
Bloodthrone of Khorne / Skull Cannon of Khorne at 25UKP // 55AUD
Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot / Burning Chariot at 25 UKP //
Plague Drones of Nurgle at 35UKP // 91AUD
Psychic cards at 4.5UKP // 10AUD

So, how soon will the special edition codexes be sold old?  Very soon I'm guessing.
Regardless, I'm super excited by the Plague Drones!  They're beautiful ... in a Nurglesque way!  Roll on March 2nd!

(there's also a typo on the Aussie page, I think: the herald of Nurgle is listed as 25AUD, rather than 39AUD as the other two are).


phoenix83 said...

Liking the new nurgle stuff as well but not ready for a new army right now. The plaguedrone wings would look sweet on a prince though.

Adam Smith said...

£15 for a plastic herald is a total rip off.

Otherwise some nice stuff here.

Anton said...

I'm only intrested in the 40K codex, the models look gash!

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