Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Nephilim Jetfighter

Much fanfare was made of this before we saw the rules. And after seeing the rules, I think its safe to say few players will be taking this one. Its a shame in my opinion, as the jetfighter is a nice model (in my opinion!).

The reasons that I think the Nephilim jetfighter won't be taken are multi-fold.  Firstly, and over-archingly, the points cost in game is too steep for what it is: an AV11 flyer.  To be clear, some daemon prince builds are comparable.  The second reason is the all-comers weapon loadout.  This is a problem since it mixes lascannons, heavy bolters, and blacksword missiles.  Individually, there's nothing wrong with any of them.  But the mixture means that the points have gone up and I'd only really want 1, or at most 2 out of those three.  It would have been better to have them as options really.

Speaking of options, the only option on this jetfighter is to switch the lascannons out for an avenger mega bolter.  The avenger megabolter might actually be a better fit really, at least in terms of infantry hunting.  But again, its probably still too many weapons on what is fundamentally a lunch meal for a heldrake.

In conclusion, take it as an obvious concession if you need to. Otherwise, use your Fast Attack slot on better choices like the ravenwing black knights (and others).  

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