Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Whirlwind

The main issue I have with the Whirlwind is that it is almost exclusively anti-infantry.  If facing an infantry heavy opponent, then its bound to be useful -- particularly as the weaponry can ignore cover if required.

But if you don't know in advance, then it is perhaps a poorer option to take.  Especially if facing a mechanized opponent.  But that's by no means guaranteed these days.

Sure, an hunter-killer missile can be added to the chassis for a little bit of dual mode.  But realistically, we want the whirlwind sitting behind cover and out of the line of sight for an optimized firing solution.

In its favour is the points value.  At 65 points for a basic variety, or 75 points with an hunter-killer missile, its is very very attractive.  I can see why I still see a few of these on the table top even in 6th.

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