Monday, February 11, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Rhino

For the sake of completeness, I will be reviewing the dedicated transport options for the Dark Angels codex as well as all the other major entries in the army list.

First up, the classic rhino.  Unlike its chaos analogue, this chassis comes with a storm bolter.  The repair rule can be useful once in a while if you ever remember to use it, and like all vehicles, the rhino gets access to the Dark Angels Vehicle Equipment chart.  Said chart, however, only contains 4 entries: dozer blades, another storm bolter, extra armour, or a hunter-killer missile.  All of these options are quite viable at some level (i.e. none are ghastly enough to think: never ever!).

Personally, I find hunter-killer missiles are never able to hit their target.  Maybe that's because the die gods frown on their usage? But I know other players have had good mileage with them.  The dozer blade is good for ensuring that you can get to the destination in the most direct route when required (and quickly).  Best to take these on everything if you're going to take them -- that way, you build up your play style (in my opinion).  Otherwise don't take them at all on your rhinos and live with it.  The second storm bolter provides further firepower (when necessary), but I think its real use is with other vehicles to give secondary options for weapons being blown up.  The extra armour is nice on rhinos that have precious cargo and need to get places.

So, here's a few potential builds that I like.

Rhino (35 points)
Seriously: a naked rhino.  Take several.  Take them on every squad you can and form walls of the things!  They can certainly act as your own portable scenery given their price tag and don't have to act as transports in the slightest.

Rhino, hunter-killer missile (45 points)
I kind of like this one, but if I take it, I'd be taking it everywhere (much like I build every chaos rhino with a havoc launcher).  The missile gives a tactical advantage that should be used at the first opportunity (prior to firing any devastator squad).  Rinse and repeat.

Rhino, extra armour, dozer blade (50 points)
Roll up with the marines on board that need to be elsewhere (objective hunting?) and get there in one piece.  Maybe.  Could be a fluffy choice for the more armoured orientated successor chapters (if there are any in your imagination).


DAM said...

I'll admit that I'm not one to go out of my way to maximize every point in my list building and I don't game at tournaments so that's my disclaimer here.

Don't overestimate the extra storm bolter. 4 BS4 S4 shots at 24" is hard to ignore. It's not game changing by itself, but I've personally had games where holding an objective (or not) came down to my opponent surviving the shooting of a couple rhinos with twin storm bolters. Esp. if your fortressing up, you have a lot of fire coming from 3 or 4 rhinos with this configuration that can help tilt the balance when used wisely.

With the DA rhinos finally coming down to 35pts in line with codex Space Marines towards the end of 5th edition, I've been running all my rhinos with the extra storm bolters and will continue to in 6th with the new codex. I see no reason not to make a shooty army more shooty...the extra storm bolter is cheap!

As with anything in 40K, your mileage may very.

jabberjabber said...

Great points! And well made!

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