Friday, February 22, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Ravenwing Dark Talon

Much like the Nephilim jetfighter, I want to like this one. But I can't justify the points cost or the taking up of a fast attack slot in the Dark Angels army for the dark talon. Once again, I feel the points cost is fairly high for what it is (although its not quite as overcosted as the nephilim jetfighter to be fair).

The weapons are entertaining if nothing else: two hurricane bolters will certainly give pause for thought for sheer bolt shell output.  The rift cannon has a short range (18") and can cause blind.  Its okay, but nothing special to be honest - and it suffers from a different range to the hurricane bolters.  The stasis bomb is the most interesting option though.  A modifier of -3 WS and I to the target can really help if a deathwing squad is about to deal with some dark eldar and it could make a critical difference to a games outcome to be fair. But with only one use (its a bomb after all), its not as much use as the six missiles found on the nephilim jetfighter.  I guess that explains why its slightly cheaper.  But: I won't be taking this unit because I'd be thinking about Ravenwing units instead.  

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