Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Scout Squad

Scouts move from elites in the previous codex to regular troops in the new Dark Angels codex.  I think this is where they truly belong.  Having them in the elites slot always struck me as a trifle odd: they're new recruits, so hardly elite yet!

In the new codex, they're one of the few squads that lack the Dark Angels special rule "Grim Resolve". Presumably because they haven't spent enough time in the "grimdark" yet?  Hence "And They Shall Known No Fear" works as normal for Dark Angels scouts.  With combat squads, and all the regular other special rules, scouts are competing hard for their spot against the regular tactical squad I think (and that's before we even acknowledge that we can have deathwing and ravenwing entries as troops with the right HQ selected).  That said, there are some perks: free sniper rifles and quality camo cloaks can add to a range of shooting weaponry that will add extra dakka to the Dark Angels basis.  If only they could buy a teleport homer, then perhaps that'd push them over the edge to be up there on the spend-points-on list.

Here's a few ideas on some potential builds:

5 scouts, 5 sniper rifles, 5 camo cloaks (70 points)
A really basic squad to sit in some scenery and snipe away all game.  Preferably whilst sat on top of an objective.

5 scouts, 1 missile launcher, 1 veteran scout sergeant with melta bombs and power weapon (100 points)
They're like a mini tactical squad, only worse (stat line and save wise).  Otherwise, they're a cheaper, slightly nasty and prickly surprise to launch on an unsuspecting foe.

10 scouts, 1 veteran scout sergeant with thunder hammer, 1 heavy bolter (168 points)
A sneaky squad with a thunder hammer!  Surprise!  A little bit for laughs and giggles this one.  Combat squad them and have the heavy bolter remain in the opposite side to the thunder hammer.  Perhaps even take sniper rifles for the other 4 scouts with him.  Outflank the thunder hammer and hope to survive long enough to bring it to bear on choice rear-field armour.

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