Monday, February 25, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Devastator Squad

We now turn to the heavy support options of the DA codex.  The devastator squad is actually a tempting option, particularly in the infantry heavy meta game that 6th edition seems to be.  The weapons themselves provide the real options for the squad to select from, and they are costed quite reasonably.  The interesting option here would probably have to be plasma cannons- despite the "gets hot" rule, I think they're attractive.  But then again, they're also competing against the missile launcher (with flakk options) which is bound to be popular.

The veteran sergeant is also an extremely tempting upgrade.  When combined with the stubborn special rule, I think these guys aren't going to be running anywhere quickly.  Particularly sat on top of a bastion or behind a defence line.  I'm not convinced melta bombs are such a good option (why are they getting close and personal?) unless paried with melta guns maybe.  The transport options do provide a means of getting from A to B in a good way, though I'm not sure about drop pods (why waste a turn on snap shots? ... but then again, who's to say you won't need to reposition your squad anyway during the game?).

Lets have a peek at a few builds:

Devastator squad, 3 plasma cannons, veteran sergeant (125 points)
I like this one -- its fluffy, cute and not too pricey.  Sit atop a bastion for a good line of sight (or other backfield ruin) and start targeting enemy terminators.  Several of these squads is something to be feared.

Devastator squad, 4 missile launchers with flakk, veteran sergeant (180 points)
The skyfire solution to enemy fliers.  The flakk option makes them super pricey though and I wonder if countering incoming airforces might be better handled in a different manner.  Equally, if targeting a flier, I think this squad is going to do well to be honest, just from the statistics point of view.

Devastator squad (ten strong), 2 lascannons, 2 multimeltas, veteran sergeant, rhino transport (245 points)
Combat squad these guys.  Have the lascannons on the backfield with the veteran sergeant and take the multi meltas in the rhino searching out a suitable target.

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