Monday, March 4, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Bloodthirster

The bloodthirster has one of the best stat lines in the game.  And rightly so: Khorne's main greater daemon and fieldmarshal of war, rage, death, murder, carnage, blood and skulls for the skull throne needs to be strong in the game to back up the fluff in the background.  Does he live up to the background? For the most part, yes.

As a flying monstrous creature, he has the ability to hunt down almost anything in the game and win.  But concentrated arms fire will bring him down.  Consider this: if a lucky shot brings him out of his flying mode, he probably only has 4 wounds left.  Even with a toughness of 6 and warp-forged armour, rapid firing bolters stand a chance of finishing the job.  So he needs to get to where he needs to be quickly.  And preferably hide behind some scenery along the way for added protection.

He has a built in 12" lash (assault 1) ranged attack, and an axe of Khorne as standard, and may take all three levels of daemonic rewards.  Here are a few potential builds to consider.

Bloodthirster (250 points)
Even "naked", the bloodthirster is going to be a sound choice when wielded correctly.

Bloodthirster with the Eternal Blade (280 points)
He doesn't really really really need it.  But he likes it.  He likes it a whole lot.  Because it adds to his attacks (and some other characteristics that are already rather high and therefore don't need to be boosted any higher).  Anyone choosing this build has really got to be either a fluffy player, or really desperate to build an uber beast.

Bloodthirster with 2 Greater Rewards (290 points)
The Greater Reward table contains several buffs that a greater daemon such as a bloodthirster can make good use of.  We're really banking on rolling one or two of them with this build, since the default option (greater etherblade) isn't so useful to an already armed bloodthirster.

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Phoenix Clan said...

If you want +1 Str and an extra attack, just swap 1 Greater Reward for the Greater Etherblade. That gives him 2 Specialist weapons (thus +1 atk) and Master-craftered. Since a Thirster has so many atks, you are almost guaranteed to fail a hit, which makes master-crafting act like an extra attack.

I highly recommend 2 Greater rewards and 1 Lesser. This gives you the option to take the regular Etherblade for the extra atk and Master-craftered, while still getting the 2 rolls on the Greater chart.

If you don't like one of those rolls, swap for the Greater Etherblade and keep the Lesser Reward. Who knows, you might get more shooting out of it.

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