Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Skarbrand

At 25 points LESS than a regular bloodthirster, Skarbrand has to be an attractive HQ option for the Khorne legions.  Especially since at first glance, his stat line is strictly better as well (I=10, instead of I=9 for a bloodthirster).

With Skarbrand, we get the 3+ regular armour save, deamonic instability and the daemon of Khorne rule (hating Slaanesh, and furious charge). But he has different armaments.  His twin axes are AP2 power weapons: one with fleshbane, the other with armourbane.  To replace the loss of the whip, he has his own shout that is a S5 template attack.

Further, he grants rage and hatred to all units within 12" of himself (including himself of course!).

So why is he cheaper than a bloodthirster then?  Simple: he lost his wings!!

This give an interesting tactical choice.  Should he be with his friends in a traditional starting position? Or should he be deep striking? I think the answer is to deep strike if he's going to be followed by (or more accurately: preceded by) reasonably sized units that are following-on through the use of instruments of chaos that can benefit from his rage and hatred special rule.  Suddenly, those bloodcrushers are looking even more potent!

Regardless of how you play him -- he's still a bloodthirster, 5 wound, toughness 6 beast!  There's nothing in the game he can't handle toe to toe.  Avatar of Khaine?  He eats them for brekkie.  Giant tyranids? More skulls for the skull throne (not that Khorne cares any longer about Skarbrand)! You won't be disappointed.  The only conundrum is whether you can catch them without wings.  


David Padwick said...

Without wings I think he will struggle to reach almost anything that moves faster than infantry. If I face him I will just pelt him with strength 6 firepower until he goes down (I play eldar you see).

If he does get in that is one nasty statline though.

jabberjabber said...

Completely agreed Phoenix83! The lack of wings is his biggest detriment.

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