Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Lord of Change

Interestingly, Lords of Change have a higher toughness than Fateweaver (presumably because the latter got terribly aged in a daemonic way through having been shoved down the Well of Eternity?).  This means that unlike Fateweaver, they're not going to be killed in a single vindicator shot. Overall, their statline is pretty solid: sixes in most places and 5 wounds.

In the psychic department, they come as level 2 psykers as standard, with the option to build them up to level 3.  And given that they have access to Tzeentch's own change discipline AND divination, I can't see much reason that one wouldn't be considering doing exactly that.

Moreover, Lords of Change have wings.  This is good because like the bloodthirster it means that they can chase down valuable targets and perform skyfire when needed.  Of course, they're going to be a fire magnet along the way ... but that is also part and parcel of the deal and can be useful.  The only drawback is really their saving throw. I'd much sooner have an HQ selection with a good saving throw.  But at least the mark of Tzeentch helps somewhat with this.

In terms of rewards, I kind of like the mutating warp blade of Tzeentch.  By killing an enemy character, the daemons player gets a free chaos spawn.  I've always rather liked getting free chaos spawn though. Its very mutate-y and Tzeentch-y.  The greater rewards in general seem like quite a good option for the Lord of Change: many buffs are in there, and if you don't want one, take the warp blade instead.

Here's a couple of builds to tinker with:

Lord of Change with Mastery Level 3 (255 points)
The psychic terror wing wings.  Good hunting.

Lord of Change with Mastery Level 3 and 2 Greater Rewards (295 points)
An expensive way to get a buffed greater daemon in to your team.

Lord of Change with mutating Warpblade (250 points)
Go forth and make some chaos spawn!

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