Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chaos Daemons Review: Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

The pink horrors have changed quite a bit since the last edition.  Their saves are weaker (5+, but re-roll 1's) and their shooting is no longer assault 3 -- rather, they are a brotherhood of sorcerers with access to the change discipline.  They are, however, quite cheap.  And that is perhaps their strongest appeal.  But that has to be weighed up against the fact plaguebearers cost the same (and are hardier), as do daemonettes (and are better in close combat).  Even if the primaris Tzeentch power is okay, this is truly not a strong shooting unit any longer.

The best use I can think for them is as a screen for a herald.  Indeed, a herald of Tzeentch is about the only reason that I'm going to field my horrors any longer.  The instrument is fine, and the icon is welcome.  The retaliation wounds from the blue horrors arising is okay (but a bit meh).  Take a lesser reward hoping that you get a shooting (2 in 6 chance) attack if you like.  But don't worry about them otherwise I think.

Here's a few builds:

18 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch, with an iridescent horror that has 1 lesser reward, instrument of chaos, icon of chaos upgraded to blasted standard,  (207 points)
Fluffy (because its a multiple of 9!) and fully upgraded.  They get 3 warp charges per turn and are otherwise completely expendable.  That's probably why you're not going to take them!

10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (90 points)
Seriously: they're a cheap screen.  Use them as such.


Occupy Terra said...

Plus, behind an aegis they can go to ground for a 2+ rerollable cover save. Personally I'd rather take plague bearers, T4 and shrouded, plus won't give any enemy units FNP

AltansarSpiritseer said...

I play pure Tzeentch and have gotten a few games in against Orks, SWs and Necrons. I have found Warpflame to be quite nice against both MEQ and Hordes. Sure, you give out FNP (6+/+1), but when you don't you tear it up. Unless you are attacking a unit with high T and FNP already you should expect a fairly irrelevant FNP (6+) or more death. If it is high T and FNP then saturate fire on it, or ignore/avoid it. Strategically placed Warpfire Beam attacks with Blasted standards are a sexy combination as well.

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