Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Review: Wargames Gallery

In this period between Christmas and New Year, I thought I would create a few posts about which of my 2012 articles gained the most "hits", or those that I simply thought were interesting.  First off the rank, are my Wargames Galleries: a collection of action shots of miniatures from our local league.

In reverse order of number of hits:
5. Group Hug.
++These crimson sands are ours++    The last stand of a pair of assault terminators, surrounded by daemons of Khorne and Tzeentch with a looming Soul Grinder.

4. Tau Overrun.
The Tau attempted a turn 1 victory against daemons by using a huge amount of firepower to cleanse the board of the daemons' preferred first wave. Despite a near perfect set-up, the firepower of the Tau was unable to overcome the string of (frankly) amazing invulnerable saves made by the daemons.  The remaining bloodcrushers raced to overrun the Tau positions as the second wave comes down to support the ground assault.

3. Heretic Blood Ravens.
Suspected of heresy in the Wasp campaign, the Blood Ravens captain prepares to face the onslaught from the Black Templars finest.

2. Daemonette Captures the Flag.
The daemonette secures the objective flag, supported by a soul grinder in the background.

1. Blood Crusher / Blood Raven.
Charging in to a squad of Blood Ravens, a Bloodcrusher lets out an unearthly battlecry as his steed's part-mechanical, part-deamonic feet cause the ground to tremble at every footfall.

So, it seems like I've been gaming a lot with my daemons this year!  And the bloodcrushers seem to be a strong theme - perhaps they're just very photogenic and a camera attractor?

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