Monday, December 17, 2012

Is First Blood correlated with First Turn?

A question for those of you who organize tournaments or play a whole lot more games than I do.  Do you believe that the "First Blood" secondary objective in 6th edition is correlated with First Turn at all?

We're currently having a little debate within our own league about this one.  Although we have gone through a combined total almost 50 games in the past few months, we're none the wiser as we didn't record any solid statistics on the matter and only have our memories to rely on.  We can all recall games that went either way though.  But the question remains: does having first turn mean that you are (statistically) more likely to get first blood?

Opinions welcome.


Aleksi Lehtio said...

Just too many things effect that. I'd say the biggest factor is what kinds of lists you and your opponent are playing. I think most players build lists that don't bleed first blood so easily, and in fact going seconds gives you an advantage as you get to counter his deployment. No solid statistics from me either.

Xzandrate said...

I think the first blood going to who goes first is offset by the fact that it's a 50/50 roll for night fight turn one.

In most of those cases, the person going first will have limited stuff within the 36" range, and stuff that is within will be getting cover saves. Conversely, the person going second should have had some of the enemy army moved forward, into a closer range, and thus they will have a worse save.

So in night fight, the person going second should have a larger choice of targets with worse cover saves, so should have a larger advantage in first blood.

Ian Logsdon said...

Agreed that night fight can seriously impact first blood, additionally the types of units your opponent takes make a huge difference. You probably won't get first blood against a Deathwing player with 6 CML's and no light vehicles.

sonsoftaurus said...

Agree with the above. From what I've seen it's more dependent on lists and types of units - vulnerable stuff that gets exposed is First Blood bait, big units that take some chewing less so.

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