Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Review: Painting

Gaming seems to have come strongly ahead of painting for me this year: very few new miniatures got their paintwork completed compared to previous years.  Here's the top 5 from 2012:

5. Possessed Raptor Lord.  Although I've not played him as much as I would have liked to, this guy really stands out for me on the tabletop and within my collection.

4. Bye bye Goblin Green... I got a bit nostalgic and the old paint pots no longer being produced.  Although I do like the newer paints now, I still miss the names of the old ones and did get frustrated that my formulae can no longer be applied.

3. Ghost Knight shoulder pad painting experiment.  How can I get the ghost knights of Mordrak looking like they have a good, un-natural effect?

2. What colour is ceramite?  Not so much an article about painting, but a discussion about what colour unpainted ceramite should be!

1. Power Claw Daemon Prince.  This beastie has seen action on multiple fronts for the best part of the year and I've enjoyed taking numerous images of him during battles.  He typically doesn't survive despite the good paintwork though!

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