Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Horus Heresy Review: Crysos Morturg and Durak Rask

There are two HQ selections for the Death Guard player, apart from Mortarion, in Betrayal.

The first is Crysos Morturg (loyalist).  He has the dubious distinction of being an Isstvan III atrocity survivor because he simply would not go down.  A very typical Death Guard trait methinks! Hence as a loyalist Death Guard player, he would make an ideal HQ choice for Betrayal.  To be fair, Morturg is a fairly "typical" space marine commander in terms of stats.  What does set him apart is his combination of special rules.  Alongside the usual Death Guard Astartes rules, he gets infiltrate, stubborn and Endurance (from biomancy) as a level 1 psyker. These are an interesting set of abilities, but not outstanding.  Hence, I think Morturg is a good (only!) selection for a named loyalist character, but I'd think a well built praetor is actually superior.  Therefore, we'll be playing Morturg for fluff reasons only.

The second HQ characters is Durak Rask (traitor).  Unlike Morturg, he didn't survive Isstvan III.  The character is a vehicle wrecker going by his wargear (thunder hammer) and special rules (wrecker and tank hunters).  He also grants the warlord trait of target priority which is a real boon (multiplier even) when played alongside friendly units.  Although he's probably not as good as a well thought-out praetor, he is worth taking in my opinion.  Team him up with some legion tactical support squads or legion heavy support squads and see what happens when you shoot opponents off objectives.  Move in to close combat (detaching from the squad in doing so) to mop up any final resistance.  Job done.  Worth taking.

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