Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Review: Most Hit Article

The top 5 articles from Warpstone Flux this year were a bit of a mixture, but several revolved around rumours and the new CSM codex (as might be expected!):

5. Ghost Knight Terminator Justicar.  Demonstrating once more that a simple head-swap can make a huge difference!

4. Of Helbrutes and Dreadnoughts.  Can we please retain the name "dreadnought"?

3. CSM in 6th Review: Chaos Lord.  The Warpstone Flux review of the Chaos Lord seems to be highly popular with visitors, with many many searches landing on this page.

2. Typhus and Plague Zombie armies.  Can lots of zombies be bought for this unit, or does that count as an "upgrade".  At the time of the post, there were lots of opinions either way!  We now know we can buy extra members of the squad thanks to the FAQ.

1. Dark Apotheosis.  Concerning rumour of leaked pages from the new CSM codex.

Happy New Year!

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