Monday, December 10, 2012

Blight Drone, Magnetized

One of the newer additions to my collection is a Blight Drone of Nurgle.  This guys comes in quite a number of parts, including two counter rotating fans for each armature, a head and tail section, several guns, and a small heap of wires to add on the under-carriage.

Assembling the beastie was not troublesome at all.  Plus, a little bit of uncaring assembly always does Nurgle miniatures the world of good as well.  The one change that I did make was to add on a pair of magnets on the armatures.  This required a little bit of filing away at the holes in which to insert the arms to make them a little bit deeper and rounder so that they could take a magnet. The ends of the arms then had the counterpart magnet glued on to them.  Although there is a wire to connect the fans to the main body, I haven't included them as I thought they were excessively fiddly and got in the way of having a good magnetized drone.  The magnetization really helps with transportation of this miniature. Without it, I think there's a really good chance of it breaking in transit. 

Finally, the base is one that I bought, and I mounted the drone using a thick copper rod to the base to give it a little elevation.  Can't wait to get around to painting this one!


Ian Logsdon said...

You may want to base it taller, with the flyer designation (via FAQ and IA: Aeronautica), the blight drone should be a bit taller now, around the height of the basic flying stand.

jabberjabber said...

Good point!

jugger said...

Looks great! Nurgle be proud!

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