Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Death Wing Assault

One of the main rumours that stood out to me about the new Dark Angels codex is the Death Wing assault rule.  BoLS suggests that the new version of Death Wing assault allows all the miniatures (i.e. Death Wing Terminators!) to arrive in turns 1 and 2.  With no rolling.  And the player gets to choose which come on.  This is strong.  Stronger than daemons in fact.  Consider that daemons have to randomize which wave comes on first turn (half their army) and then has to roll for reserves for the rest of the army coming on as per normal.  Death Wing assault - if true - surpasses this and makes the first company of the Dark Angels supreme in the early rounds of the game and is strictly better than the current Death Wing Assault rules.

*even more tempted by a Fallen list now...* 


TheGraveMind said...

So they will function like Apoc reserves? That sounds awesome! Considering only half of the army can be held in reserves, it isn't as strong as it was last edition, but it still really really good.

Tim Skawinski said...

I can absolutely see Death Wing functioning like that; it would certianly fit the fluff. It's far less broken than the rumor that got spat-out a while ago, that Death Wing will be able to assault immediatly after a deep strike.

BTW, who ever says that the daemons book is strong, unless you're loaded up on screamers and flamers?

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