Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forge World is Cheap (in AUD)

Consider this.  Forge World Mk.V Heresy Armour Marines (resin) x5 = 23 UKP.

Assuming an exchange rate of 1AUD to 0.65 UKP, this works out as 35.38 AUD for 5 marines.

1 box of Space Marines direct from Games Workshop is currently priced at 62 AUD.  That's 5 marines for 31 AUD.

Compare also a box of "combat squad" space marines, cost = 41 AUD for 5 marines.

So, we're now in an interesting era where Forge World resin marines cost significantly less than combat squad marines.  They're only a few AU dollars shy of a full boxed set of marines (when doubling the squad size to 10).  Is it a good time to be purchasing Forge World armies for the Horus Heresy?  Yes, I think so!  But note, that these Forge World marines don't come with armaments, so its probably not such a good comparison.  Moving on...

Let me illustrate something else that folks may find entertaining / depressing / interesting.  Consider an assault squad.  They cost 55 AUD at retail from Games Workshop Australia.  Compare this to a Forge World assault squad of Mk.II or IV or V power armour for 33 UKP.  Converting, 33 UKP = 50.77 AUD.  That's 5 dollars (ish!) cheaper than Games Workshop's plastic assault squad!  That's really quite remarkable!

Finally, I'll add that 5 cataphractii terminators are also valued at 33 UKP.  Add in the armaments (12 UKP) and that comes to 45 UKP.  A squad of terminators in Australia now retails for 74 AUD.  Doing the conversion, 45 UKP = 69.23 AUD.  That's once more cheaper by approx 5 dollars!  Again, I'm amazed!


Stone said...

I find this to be ridiculous. It's amazing that GW doesn't balance out their price structure to meet with a country's currency conversion rate.

Are people steering away from GW products because of this?

Also, what is the comparative cost to other games like Warmachine, Infinity, Flames of War etc?

eriochrome said...

I almost choked when I saw the price on the 30 Marine sets from Forgeworld. Scary that this seems like a good price for you guys.

TheGraveMind said...

It is the same for Tau. A crisis suit costs 41 AUD, and the special XV8s cost like 25UKP, which is 38AUD. That is three dollars cheaper, and the forgeworld set comes with the entire crisis suit set, plus all the forge world pieces. one and a half models for three dollars cheaper.

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