Sunday, December 23, 2012

Justaerin Terminators from FW

Forge World has recently put up some new Justaerin Terminators for advanced order.  These terminators are the Sons of Horus' elite: lead by none other than Abaddon in his Legion heyday.

The sculpts combine the aesthetic of the cataphractii terminators with some great touches of iconography: the Eye of Horus can be seen prominantly across the armour, the shoulder pads are studded as is one of the legs in this particular example.  Moreover, the bodies can be fitted with any of the cataphractii weapon options: power axes and twin-linked bolters as illustrated, or power fists and the like, very readily.  I think these guys look excellent and would certainly fit in well with any 40k chaos space marine force.  Moreover, I think they could also be the core of a "Fallen" Death Wing army for a Dark Angels army.  But that's a thought for future development...

(IMAGE taken from Forge World: its not my own).

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