Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Advice to give First Time Apocalypse Players?

I have played numerous Apocalypse games since the supplement came out.  Most were completely chaotic (double entendre intended) and complete mayhem.  Some featured vehicles only.  Some were full on, using every single rule imaginable and then some (did you ever receive a phone call from the store down the road for an incoming template blast on that table you're playing on, in a different store?!).  I actually really like the complete madness that comes with the territory.  But I know its not to everyone's tastes. 

In the coming weeks, I'll be introducing the gaming group to Apocalypse in a 5 vs 5 match.  I'm the only person (I think) who's had any experience with Apocalypse though. So, what advice do you think I should dispense to my friends about playing Apocalypse for the first time?  Any words of wisdom would be gratefully received!  (I'm also preparing a minor scenario, and certainly not going to be allowing flank march, but most other things are possible!). 


eekster said...

The most important part is for every player to know the rules for as much of their stuff as possible to cut down on the amount of time flicking through the rules - that's by far the biggest time waster in any game, but especially Apocalypse. That likely means using an army and units they are familiar and experienced with, and not too much in the way of new stuff. Similarly, if possible, everyone should also have their army's summary sheet so if they do need to look something up, it's right there on one page.

Best of luck! :)

Rhasputine said...

Just have fun, it doesn't matter if you win in apoc. as long as all hell breaks loose, everyone wins.

Tim Skawinski said...

The most important rules are:
#1: The game is not balanced. Dsetroyer weapons and titans win, so if you can't take them, you can't win without some bizarre luck or extremely poor knowledge of the game on the part of your opponent.
#2: Money wins. If you can't afford the above, you can't win.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Guys!
@Tim: we'll not be using any apocalypse specific formations -- just regular codexes ... such as the balances are within them :)

Tim Skawinski said...

Oh! Carry on then, don't mind me.

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