Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thousand Sons: GW2 or GW IP emblem?

I'm currently playing a bit of Guild Wars 2 in the evenings.  I noticed this guild emblem whilst I was poking around.  Now take a look at the pre-heresy Thousand Sons emblem / legion icon in the image.  What differences are there and what similarities?

Clearly the sub-burst motif is highly similar.  Neither company (probably) can claim rights to it.  But notice that guild wars 2 places a scarab in the centre of the burst.  Seriously: a scarab.  What does this say to any chaos player out there other than Thousand Sons?  Or can GW2 argue that the superposition of the two is original intellectual property.  Anyway, there's two reasons I mention this.  Firstly is out of pure interest concerning an ongoing legal case that most players will know about with chapterhouse studios.  

The second is that if you're playing guild wars 2, come and say "hi" to jabberjabber.6804
We play on the "Fissure of Woe" server (yes: I know its a very underpopulated server, but that's the point: bonus XP for hunting creatures that have been around for a while!) and have formed the "Alpharius" guild (because we are all Alpharius!) which you're welcome to pm me or /w me for an invite to.  


Damn The Valley said...

I'm transferring right now!

Joe TwoCrows said...

IANAL, I am familiar with heraldry, and have opinions about trademark law.
The backgrounds are colored differently, the color of the 'star' is different, the 'star' itself has minor differences, and GuildWars adds the scarab. It would be difficult for either company to support a claim the other's version causes confusion as to the source and meaning.

jabberjabber said...

Cheers Joe!

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