Friday, January 18, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Chaplain

With one wound, one attack and one point of ballistic skill less than the Interrogator-Chaplain, the regular chaplain suddenly feels pretty bland, especially lacking the inner circle special rule.  He only gets access to melee, ranged or special issue wargear, and so his prime purpose in a Dark Angels list would be to accompany another squad and provide a combat focus.  As such, he's ideal in a Dark Angel's force that is highly infantry based and/or needs to save points on HQ choices when not running a Death Wing or Raven Wing variant.  And if such a list exists, then there needs to be a case for selecting Dark Angels ahead of Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Black Templars and regular Space Marines.  Initial reasons might be flakk missiles on regular tactical squads, but that's not going to last, clearly!  With company veterans (and indeed a command squad) the chance to take more than 1 special weapon is tempting.  Or perhaps you just like the Nephilim Jetfighter and want a cheap HQ?  Its actually hard to see good uses for him above other HQ selections to be honest, so I don't see people selecting him unless it IS to save on points.

Let's have a look at a few set-ups that might be good, given the above considerations.

Chaplain, jump pack, auspex, melta bombs (115 points).
An HQ to accompany an assault squad in to battle.  Add digital weapons to taste and maybe consider a porta-rack if appropriate.

Chaplain, naked.  (90 points).
Seriously, if we're looking to save points on HQ choices, this on the surface seems to be great.  Until you read the price of a naked librarian.  I'd be wanting to take the librarian instead I think.

Chaplain, plasma pistol, digital weapons (115 points).
To be used with a tactical squad or equivalent, giving a little bit of extra low AP firepower, and with the digital weapons a little more likely to cause wounds.  

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