Thursday, January 17, 2013

Of plague zombies and typos: a limited 40k FAQ Digest

The news of the new FAQs from Games Workshop is now getting toward a day old or more!  I wanted to use this post to have a quick skim over what I found the most interesting (which may or may not correlate to "most significant" for others).

Firstly, the main rulebook.  The (re?)introduction of killzones is interesting.  This means that if you only have bolters and your target squad ranges from 22 to 26" away from you, then only kill those within 24".  Should you have taken a missile launcher, or lascannon, then you can kill the whole lot of them.  Interesting!

For my daemon playing colleagues and friends, plague zombies don't count toward Epidemius' tally.  I wasn't going to play that way any how, since I figure the rules cover models with the mark of Nurgle, or followers of Nurgle.  Plague Zombies are neither, since they haven't *voluntarily* decided to follow Nurgle.  (okay, don't get me started on Nurgle's Rot and Plaguebearers ... that's different ... ish ... well maybe ... okay: I wasn't playing plague zombies as counting toward Epidemius and now this is confirmed!  Anyone want to admit they were, or had contemplated it?)

For chaos space marines, noise marines get a boost, and the heldrake is classed as having a turret!  Blimey, that's a biggie!  Am I glad that I got one of those as a gift over the holidays?  Yes.

And for my favourite loyalists (Dark Angels, not Alpha Legion), the typos have been fixed up.  So at least the required units can now access the sacred relics and standards as it was obvious that they should have been able to!

There are more rule changes beyond these that I like (shooting overwatch from vehicles, Black Templars getting superior dreadnoughts and so on), but for me, the above changes seem most immediate given my gaming preferences!

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