Thursday, January 10, 2013

Dark Angels: suitable Sons of Malice Counts-As?

Like many other folks, I've been readily with a strong appetite the rumours and rules discussions that are now coming out thick and fast about the new Dark Angels codex.  My long term readers will certainly know that I have a thing for Dark Angels - of all the loyalist chapters (including the Alpha Legion?!!? hehe!) the Dark Angels are the one that I like the most. 

Thing is, they've always appealed to me as a potential count-as chaos army. Particularly with their connection to the Fallen which is written in to their background story.

But I'm reading a few new rules that might be hard to explain for a counts-as army.  In particular, that there will be hatred (or possibly preferred enemy) for anything from codex: chaos space marines.  Granted, certain elements of Khorne would have a self-loathing, certain elements of Tzeentch plot against each other, certain parts of Nurgle want each other to decay more rapidly, and certain parts of Slaanesh ... well, best not to speak too much about that beyond reminding myself of Ron's awesome LustWing army he converted and painted a long time ago. 

So which chaos faction would best be represented by hatred or preferred enemy toward codex: chaos space marines.  A simple answer here folks.  The Sons of Malice.  They embody chaos' self destructive motivations supremely well.  Perhaps even the Fallen fell to Malal (ahem) Malice at some point.  Yep.  That's my narrative if I'm going to think about a possible Death Wing or Dark Angels counts-as for the forthcoming new codex! 


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MasterSlowPoke said...

The Sons of Malice used chaos weapons as they found them more effective than mundane ones at fighting chaos. That more than explains the rule, I think.

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