Friday, January 18, 2013

Thoughts on the New Chaos Warrior Miniatures

There are plenty of images of the forthcoming White Dwarf doing the rounds today.  Within, are pictured plenty of juicy pictures of the new Chaos Warrior range, including updated dragon ogres and so on.  Several particularly caught my eye, but for rather different reasons:

* Foresaken: I've got to say that I think these guys look awesome.  They have long, bulbous arms and generally look rather mutated.  I think they'd make superb conversion pieces, or even direct use, for chaos cultists.  They certainly have the look of 40k mutants about them.  I'd certainly like to get a closer look to see how the parts mesh together and how easy (or not) it would be to transfer the bits to 40k usage.

* Slaughterbeast.  Its huge.  I'm not sure what else to say really.  Looks good, but very big!

* Chariot.  This one looks like its been expanded to heroic scale compared to the old metal analogues I have in my collection somewhere. Could this be a prequel to seeing chariots in daemon armies (like the rumoured Khorne chariot?)

* Hententicle.  Is that its real name?  Seriously, a hententicle?  (anyone reminded of a Futurama episode?).  Or is it a vortex beast?  Hopefully yes.  But seriously, what's going on with this miniature?  What the heck is it and why does it have so many tentacles?  Has Tzeentch been taking the drugs that Slaanesh gave him a while back?  It seriously looks freaky.  Even for a long time chaos player like me! How am I going to use that in 40k?  Tzeentch daemons prince, or chaos spawn perhaps.  Or an Apocalypse thing mayhaps?  Looking forward to hearing more about this one!

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