Monday, January 14, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Sammael

As Belial is to Death Wing, Sammael is to Ravenwing.  He makes ravenwing attack squadrons in to troops choice for the pure ravenwing army which is critical for such a speedy army list.

He can choose from two set-ups: he can have Corvex: a jetbike that means he retains his independent character status and his usual stat line (which includes a useful teleport homer, hit and run, inner circle and various nice rules such as scouts and skilled rider), or swap it for Sableclaw: a land speeder that features AV 14 on the front and sides.  He sacrifices most benefits doing this though and gains a twin linked assault cannon and twin linked heavy bolter.  For me, the teleport homer on Corvex wins out to be honest.  The deep striking component of the rest of the army could be highly critical (particularly if Sammael is being taken as part of a dual Death / Raven Wing army style).  To be honest, I'd only take Sableclaw if I really (really) needed an extra land speeder.  I think the jetbike model is just too valuable to be left at home.

His armaments are excellent.  A 5th edition power weapon (the Raven Sword), eternal warrior, 3+/4+ and a plasma cannon on Corvex combine to make Sammael's default set-up an exceptionally potent one.  Sure, he's not there to take down aircraft, but there's little else that he's not going to attempt to do - and be able to carry out.  Particularly with the back up of the rest of the Raven Wing.

Hence, I see Sammael as an all-rounder.  But his really benefit is within a Raven or Death Wing army list (either singular, or dual / blended lists).  His rapid deployment and teleport homer combine to make an excellent mix: able to lay down strong fire power and hold his own in melee.  Take him with a fully kitted out ravenwing attack squadron and go forth.  Swoop down on an objective in the late game and make it count.  His price is more than Belial, and to be fair, I think Belial has an edge over Sammael in terms of no deep strike scattering.  But he's still useful and potent.  I just prefer Belial.

The final point about Sammael is that he has a fixed warlord trait.  Instead of The Hunt (which many other HQs seem to have), Sammael have Rapid Manoeuvre.  This gives extra run (2d6, choose highest), or can give an extra d6" for turbo boosting.  The latter is a strong one: the ability to get that extra bit of range late in the game is great for the time-tested tactic of swooping on objectives.  


Gigawatts said...

Love all of the reviews. Keep it up. I am excited to see Deathwing Knights and Black Knights.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Gigawatts! Apart from Death Wing Terminators which I did first, I'm now going in order through the codex :)

Anton said...

I enjoyed your reviews of the chaos codex, and likewise the same with the dark angels, keep up the good work fella!!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks Anton! Much appreciated.

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