Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Death Wing Command Squad

If we have a terminator HQ, then we can select a Death Wing command squad.  In the same way as a regular command squad, they don't count towards the force organization chart at all.

The unique aspects of the command squad come down to several key factors. Firstly, there is access to the banners.  The Death Wing Company banner is pricey, but adding an extra attack to all nearby units is going to be good if the banner survives.  The sacred standards feel a bit wasted on this command squad though: they don't have the boltguns to convert to salvo 2/4 with the devastation standard and since they're fearless, they're not really wanting to re-roll morale checks all the time either.  Feel no pain might be nice, but we could buy an apothecary instead, which seems like a much better deal to me.

Other than the banner consideration, the command squad gets a lot of flexibility about weapon choice, akin to the regular Death Wing terminator squad.  Its worth remembering that these guys get twin linked on the turn they deep strike in and split fire.  Team up with Belial to ensure that they don't scatter when they land as well.  There's plenty to like!

Here's a few example builds:

Death Wing Command Squad, Death Wing Company Banner, 3 thunder hammers and storm shields, 1 death wing champion with halberd of Caliban, 1 apothecary with a heavy flamer (325 points)
Deep strike this one with Belial.  Its there to benefit from the company banner, so get up close and personal and make sure you have further close combat death wing squads in support.  The apothecary will help keep them alive against low AP weapons, and the heavy flamer is simply a one shot wonder to use on the turn you deep strike.  After that, its melee glory or death frankly!

Death Wing Command Squad, Death Wing Company Banner, 1 assault cannon, 2 chain fists, 1 death wing champion with halberd of Caliban (300 points)
A complex beast: at its heart, it is a multi-purpose support unit.  Deep strike next to the primary assault squad so that they benefit from the company banner.  Do a turn or two of shooting and then go after what ever target you wish: light tank, other heavy infantry, etc.

Death Wing Command Squad, 1 apothecary, 1 plasma cannon (265 points)
A support squad for a librarian in terminator armour perhaps: keep to the shooting and keep the librarian alive.  Add a land raider to taste (indeed, I probably should add that to all of the above example builds).


RuntMcRory said...

Fairly sure your first build, the one with the apothocary having the heavy flamer is illegal.

My reading of the codex entry is that as soon as you add the narthecium to the model he ceases to be a "Deathwing Terminator" and becomes a "Deathwing Apothocay", hence the apothocary's individual stat line. It then says that the one "Deathwing Terminator" may take a heavy weapon. Since he is no longer a Deathwing Terminator he cant take that weapon upgrade.

Again, just my take on that entry.

jabberjabber said...

I was wondering if that'd spark any controversy! I'll take your point, but also provide an alternative way of looking at it:

Buy the heavy flamer upgrade first (replacing the storm bolter). Buy the apothecary upgrade second (replacing the power fist with narthecium). I can't see anything illegal about it, but it is controversial!

RuntMcRory said...

So you are looking at it from an order of operations stand point?

I guess the question then is in what order do you do it. I would say that you would then have to followed the codex entry in the order its written so first coloumn and then second coloumn. That would upgrade terminators into the champion and then the apothary first and then you assign wargear to whatever terminators are left.

That being said, I can see how it can be interprated either way so until its FAQ'ed I can see there being some discussion on the issue.

Unknown said...

upgrades occur at the same time; your apo cant take heavy flamer. Also, company banner and apo are a waste of points. the 85pt FNP banner is essentially the primary redeeming quality of DW command squad. the DW banner only affects inner circle MODELS in 6 inches (probably not much) the banner of fortitude affects UNITS with 12 inches (probably everyone you DW assault with).

dont put your command squad with Belial, either. deepstrike them with another termiHQ THEN deepstrike Belial with a 10 unit squad after the command squad within banner range. :P duh

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