Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blight Drone Painting Progress

Or the alternative title: how impressive the new GW washes can be over inks.  With an undercoat of black on my magnetized blight drone, I set about thinking about what colours I wanted this monstrosity to be.

In the end, I opted for greens on the rusted metal parts, with a soft underbelly tone of creams and light flesh tones.  To do paint the undercoat, a complete layer of the base colour was applied all over the required areas.  Then, in a (deliberate) haphazard manner, completmentary tones of lighter greens and browns were dabbed on top of the basecoat.  Inbetween changing colours, I didn't bother washing the brush: just letting the new colour bleed in to the previous one in the next dab.  Similarly, for the underbelly, greys and stone colours were dabbed on raised surfaces. 

Around the edges of the metal plating, I applied a slight highlight, again mostly using a dabbing technique. And then, on to the washes.  Two sets of washes were applied to each of the main portions of the drone: brown and green to the metal parts, and brown and orange to the soft underbelly.  These colours create a strong complementarity: the dull, festering armoured plates play off against the much lighter and indeed, warmer tones of the maggot like daemon beneath.

The painting is yet to be finished: the metal parts of the guns need attention, and I may apply a few more washes and highlighting layers yet.  Plus that drone eye needs some thought: perhaps a sickly yellow glow over the white basecoat. Otherwise, its coming along very well so far!

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Ian Logsdon said...

Completely loving it, I haven't made much progress on the 2 I have been painting, but I have decided to go with green painting as the armor color with substantial amounts of red rust on the decayed armor. I'm kind of putting them off because I want to get further into the reset of my list before painting them, but their current progress is here:

Any time I get down on myself about how long its taken to paint them, I realize how much more of a challenge it was to base them, lol

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