Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guild Wars 2 (off topic!)

RE: Guild Wars 2.
wow -- just looked at our Alpharius guild that I happened to mention in my previous post and saw that 25 people had scoped it out whilst I was offline!

To re-cap:
We play on the "Fissure of Woe" server (yes: I know its a very underpopulated server, but that's the point: bonus XP for hunting creatures that have been around for a while!)

Our (fledgling) guild is "Alpharius".  If you're interested in joining and want an invite, message me in game via /w or by sending an in-game mail (my user name is jabberjabber.6804 and I'm often playing a character called Aldronia).

Alternatively (or preferably!), send me an email at: and tell me your gw2 details and I'll send an invite when I'm next online.  Feel free to say g'day!

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