Friday, January 25, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Command Squad

The command squad does not occupy a force organization slot, which can be good in larger games; much like techmarines in a DA force.  The question is really how to select their equipment. But to do that, we need to think about what their role will be.

The principle difference between a command squad member and a regular trooper is the extra attack.  Hence, this is begging to be set-up for close combat, preferably escorted by a HQ choice for fearless, etc.  In concert with something like a drop-pod, they can also get there pretty fast.

Alternatively, we could go down a more shooty route, albeit it close range though plasma pistols (etc.).

Or perhaps form an advanced placement through a drop pod and locator beacon.

I actually like the Death Wing and Raven Wing command squads a little better.  But nonetheless, let's have a look at a few possibilities:

Command Squad, Standard of Devastation, Apothecary, Razorback with twin linked assault cannon, extra armour (265 points)
The point of this unit is to take the standard of devastation and place it inside a transport, thereby ensuring it (hopefully) lives longer.  Swap out for a land raider to be sure!

Command Squad, Dark Angels Chapter Banner, 1 Company Champion, 4 Thunder Hammers (280 points)
Lots of attacks! Add in some storm shields to give terminators a run for their money?  Perhaps not though: I think terminators do this build better given their 2+ armour save!

Command Squad, each member replaces chainsword with melta gun and bolt pistol with flamer.  Drop pod with locator beacon and deathwind missile launcher (235 points)
Is this build even legal?  I've read and re-read the wording of the entry and I think it is.  This drop pod is there to shoot down everything and provide a smooth landing for other deep strikers later in the game.  But oh my ... all those meltas and flamers.  Feel free to go pure melta or pure flamer for extra concentrated anti mech or anti horde.  They're assault weapons either way.

Command Squad, Standard of Fortitude, 5 plasma pistols, 5 storm shields, drop pod (370 points)
I think I'm getting carried away at this point.  This build would need serious support to make the most of the standard of fortitude.  So perhaps this is one for Apocalypse points levels only.


Anonymous said...

Command Squad,
Dark angels chapter banner
4 lightning claws (pistol replacement)
5 Lightning Claws (Chainsword replacement)
5 storm shields,
drop pod (370ish points)

5 Attacks on the charge
+3 inv save, FNP

maybe add a priest or something or rerolls?

Victor said...

plasma pistols? seriously?. Do this build with meltaguns, they're better and they're 5pt. cheaper than a plasma pistol

jabberjabber said...

Cool build mathhammer!

Victor: Apocalypse madness only! :)

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