Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Death Wing Terminators

I have the codex already (because its already Saturday in Australia!).  So today, we start the first of my reviews of the codex-- follow them through the DAin6thReviews tag.  And I'm going to start with the one that interests me the most: the basic(!) Death Wing terminator squad.

Let's start with the basics.  They're slightly more expensive terminators that the vanilla space marine ones.  But for that, we get so much extra.  Firstly, there's Death Wing Assault.  Nominate turn 1 or 2 and jot it down secretly.  All the terminators automatically come on in said turn.  Don't bother rolling for reserves at all.  They're on.  As members of the inner circle, they're fearless and have preferred enemy: CSM.  They have split fire and vengeful strike.  The latter is quite incredible: twin-linked weapons on the turn they arrive via deep strike.  This is a big game changer in my opinion.  Totally worth the extra points compared to vanilla space marines.

But their options are what makes them shine even more.  They can be kitted out for close combat, ranged assault and anything in-between (think: thunder hammer and storm shield with a cyclone missile launcher).  Just as the Lion commanded.  In short, these guys are awesome and with the right build (i.e. pure Death Wing, or dual Raven/Death Wing ... or even as a supporting role), the Dark Angels player is not going to regret the extra points for the bonus rules.

Here are some sample builds.

5 Death Wing Terminators, 1 Plasma Cannon (235 points)
Deep strike on the turn of your choice, roll to hit with twin-linked, including the plasma cannon and move forward in latter turns.  All kinds of awesome.

10 Death Wing Terminators, 2 Assault Cannons (480 points)
Deal death to all who stand before you.  And some who are standing to the side of you.  Did I mention with twin linked on the deep strike turn of your choice?  Brilliant.

8 Death Wing Terminators, 2 with pair of lightning claws, 3 with thunder hammer and storm shield, 1 with cyclone missile launcher, 2 with chain fists, Land Raider Crusader Transport with Death Wing vehicle rule (i.e. preferred enemy: CSM and the option of forcing an opponent to re-roll the result of penetrating hits on the vehicle damage table) (682 points)
A mad, expensive and all round squad, mainly for close combat, but doubling up to take on any vehicle, and with some ranged ability as well.  Not much not to like here.

5 Death Wing Terminators, 2 with pair of lightning claws, 2 with chain fists, 1 heavy flamer (240 points)
A mixed squad, probably not too advisable as there are better builds than this, but could be flavourful and a neat distraction.


jabberjabber said...

Reading the codex more thoroughly: I'm bothered by the lack of background explanation as to why Death Wing terminator is coloured bone white. Why has that been omitted??!

Robert (Grovel) said...

Perhaps a retcon in progress.
I was never a fan of it (the reason) anyway myself.

Luke said...

It's in there. It's a sidebar telling the tale in one of the Deathwing sections.

jabberjabber said...

Nice find Luke!

I've re-read and re-read the codex several times to discover its on page 19, buried under a sidebar entitled "Apocryphal Tales". Gah!

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