Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chaos Daemon Codex Rumours Digest

There are plenty of sites recording the chaos daemons rumours now.  The following is a selection of tidbits sourced from Heresy Online.

New stuff: 
a chaos beast
a ground-based variant of furies
an elite daemon engine
large flamer for Tzeentch (potentially a pyrocaster)
Chaos terrain piece
Khorne flame machine belcher? / cannon?
Nurgle flies with plaguebearer riders

Re-done miniatures / never produced before miniatures: 
Greater daemons, all with a conversion pack to create a named greater daemon.
Chariot options for Khorne and Tzeentch (the former doubling with the cannon?)
Palanquin of Nurgle

Personally, I'm liking what I'm reading.  If only a fraction of the new stuff turns out to be true, then I think we'll have plenty of happy collectors out there.  That said, we've not heard anything much about the new codex beyond the miniatures themselves that will be new.  All we have is a selection of statements that talk about "balance" (not that exact word though) and levelling the playing field between daemons and everyone else.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with screamers of Tzeentch: back to the original concept perhaps, or plough forward with two wounds and a worse save?

(The image is of GRAINS OF SALT, taken from wikipedia and used under the GNU license.  The purpose of the image should be obvious!). 

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Tim Skawinski said...

I'm hearing multiple reports of the re-scuplts on the greater daemons, the Khorne chariot/vehicle kit, and the nurgle fly riders, so my money says that those are all definites. Say, 90% likely we'll see all of those, 100% we'll see at least one of them.

I'd really, really like to see some new Nurgle units. The current units just suck so, so bad.

My summation of the GW writing process for Nurgle units:
Guy #1: Lets make Nurgle rules!
Guy #2: Cool! Lets make them slow, but tough, and unable to do really any damage, as they have no WS, no I, no penetrative power, and no shooting.
Guy #1: Um, okay, that could work for one unit.
Guy #2: Nope! All 3 of them! Cut, print, sell it.
Guy #1: Um, wait-no, that's no good, they won't be that-
Guy #2: I can't hear you over the sound of all my money!

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